Discover a new way to watch YouTube videos

ClipWiz’s unique video guide & player let’s you discover all the amazing contents of YouTube with just the swipe of your finger.

1000's of the Best Video Feeds on the Internet

With hundreds of channels, you never run out of options for discovering new channels based on your interests

Real Time Video Updates

Get lighting fast updates from news sources from around the globe.

Personalized Experence

ClipWiz learns which channels you like best and will recommend other channels based on your viewing habits.

Build Your Own Video Guide

Tap on video once to add it to your playlist.

Tap on video twice get more info on video and play without adding to playlist .

Rearrange your playlist

TV guide Format

Beautiful TV Guide panel showing channels organized by timeline.

Organize by categories, favorite channels, recommended channels and timeline.

How Does it Work ?

1) Build Your Newscast

Simply tap a video to add to your playlist.
Double tap to get more video info or play now.

3) Favorite Your Channels

Your favorite channels are prioritized at the top of the video guide.
ClipWiz recommends channels based on your favorites and your viewing habits.

2) Watch Your Newscast

Swipe to skip to the next video.